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Who is Living Juice?

We're just a regular couple, in our 50's, and we love what juice does for us and want to share those benefits with as many others as possible, with the help of our fabulous Juicy Crew.

Our Mission

We're helping make NZ healthier by getting fresh, raw juice to more people, more affordably, more easily, more often.

With the help of some superbly designed Spanish citrus presses (and juicers) our dream is coming true!


There have been a few incarnations of this business - beginning in 2007, Bruce bought 16 juice presses and started his first company called EspressOJ. Over the next 3 years he developed the market side of the business (selling just orange juice) and trialled presses into retail outlets like cafes and hotels.

In 2010 the company changed it's name to 100% Fun Juice and we added pure apple and carrot juices to the market menu. 
This addition was so successful we soon expanded the menu to include beetroot, ginger and lemon juices too.
The retail and event arms grew slowly and steadily. 

By 2014 the fresh juice business in NZ was a growing trend and people were getting more daring with their mixes, so we tried adding seasonal greens (kale, celery, spinach, cucumber, silverbeet, etc). We personally feel a big difference when we drink green juices and we knew our customers would love them too. 

In 2016 we changed our name to Living Juice, because that's what we make, that's what we love and that's what we sell!

In 2017 we added turmeric juice to our mix menu and became distributors of Zummo equipment within New Zealand. Very exciting!


We are committed to using environmentally-friendly packaging throughout our business.
We support local growers as our first priority.
We repurpose  all our green waste and recycle everything else.


Our ethos

Healthy people -healthy planet. 
Fresh juice makes everything better :)
Our guiding principle is
"KISS" ... 
Keep It So Simple.
"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" is our mantra.


Glass Bottles

We now offer beautiful glass bottles, in three sizes (500ml, 750ml and 1 litre), at cost price of $2. Refills give you 80-100mls extra juice for free. We offer a $1 refund on empties (market sales only).


able packaging

Our cups, straws and peel bin liners are made of biodegradable plant starch - gone in 90 days in a hot compost!


Reducing waste

There's no single-use plastic in our operation (except ice bags and carrot bags which we recycle).
We sell our own handmade market bags.


Ultimate Recycling

Pigs, goats and cows love to eat our waste peel and pulp.
We have two lovely pig farmers down Drury way whom we deliver our green waste to each week. 


God's little creatures

We love bees. Without their furry little pollinating legs we'd have hardly any produce to juice! We donate monthly to SAVE OUR BEES - a wonderful NZ charity that educates widely.

What our gorgeous customers say

"I've become a bit of a self-proclaimed apple juice connoisseur since my run in with your magical apple juice at the Auckland Lantern Festival. I absolutely MUST have more!
Do you have a site to order from or a store in Auckland?"

“I come from Taupo every year for your juice ... oh and the lanterns too.”

"That's the best juice I've ever had! I don't normally like juice. It's usually too sweet for me."


Living Juice
P O Box 18079
Glen Innes
Auckland 1743

Magnetic Holdings trading as Living Juice

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General enquiry 
Ph: 09 FRUIT 4 U
       (09 378 4848)
Bruce "the Juice" Coventry (Operations, Installations)
Phone: 027 688 4665
Linda Muir 
(Events, Accounts)

Phone: 022 045 2399